The Stour Permanent Collection is a visual archive of Hackney Wick and Fish Island.

Representing the development of the art scene of Hackney Wick and Fish Island,

the collection confirms the existence of the art community in the area and

collects artworks that we have acquired over 11 years of our presence.

Since 2009, we have acquired more than 100 pieces of artworks forming a permanent art collection. The collected artworks have not only their original artistic value, but through the nature of the archive, they gain cultural, research and social value and can help in researching cultural and art landscape of Hackney Wick and Fish Island art community. The SPC is a new project that will allow us to move the collection forward and help to promote and support art community through free and accessible visual display on the walls in our gallery spaces and free access to the art storage for curation training and academic purposes.

The Stour Permanent Collection offers new ways of showcasing and celebrating the local artists and their work. Through the collecting artworks, we create a physical archive of any art media at Stour Galleries art storage. This allows us to create a permanent, but mobile collection of art that enables us to engage in travelling shows and pop-ups and represent the artists not only in the East London Area.