The Stour Space building in Fish Island, housing Stour Studios, Stour Galleries and Stour Cafe, closed its doors in March 2021. Although we lost our presence in Fish Island, we still provide studios and coffee in Hackney Wick at The Baths....and not only there!

Providing space, promotion, education and support for contemporary artists has remained our primary focus. Stour without its Gallery would not be Stour and thus we focused on looking for new spaces that can accomodate all three fundamental roots at once and create a safe space for everybody. And finally we found some!

We are pleased to announce that we are opening a brand new Stour building on 2nd September 2021 at 5PM! The site will be accomodating artist studios, a gallery space and a cafe, all run but Stour companies and our team members. The site gives us an opportunity to continue what we started in HWFI - opening art shows for contemporary artists, housing their studios and art in the Stour Permanent Collection, providing delicious coffee and food and organising workshops, art talks, events and more.

Stour Studios in Haggerston will open with an art exhibition BORN AGAIN by conrad armstrong on 2nd September 2021 on 258 Kingsland Road, E8 4DG London at 5PM. You are sincerely invited to see the spectacular art works, our new spaces and meet our supporters, new neighbours and artists. Let us know you are coming and RSVP!

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stour gallery

258 Kingsland road
E8 4DG

United Kingdom