Promethean Art Collective started in 2018. The idea of starting the collective came after the multidisciplinary art exhibition Oblivion, curated by Simon Kloss who wanted to bring together a group of artists with different approaches towards contemporary art.


The members of the collective have individual styles and disciplines through which they express their view of life and their talent. Digital and video art, cameraless photography, political flags, soil painting, mixed media...


In 2019, Stour Space Gallery curated a show by Promethean Art Collective State of Mind. In 2022, we are delighted to welcome Promethean Art Collective again, this time in our new spaces at Stour Galleries and present the art show CORDIALIS at Stour Galleries showcasing the core members and guest artists.

John Gosnell @dfastig

Agrypnia @ugne.agrypnia

Shireen Liane @shireenliane

Ildiko Kmeth @ildikokmeth

Edmund Cavill @edmund_cavill

Elika Bo @elikabo_

Michael Trew @michaeljtrew