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Conrad Armstrong
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Read an article about Conrad Armstrong's exhibition BORN AGAIN in HERO Magazine!

Written by Catarina de Moura.

Published online in Hero Magazine.

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conrad armstrong

born again

2nd September - 29th September 2021


258 Kingsland Road

London E84DG


A bicycle commute from Streatham to Hackney Wick, looking at the shard, thinking about the pyramids. A meditation on repetition. History repeating. Masked power – structures – disguised. parasitic. A sensitive demolition of vanity towers. An emotional history of London.  Monuments and landmarks. In praise of DIY Barricades on Cable Street. Public Art – for the public by the public. Melt down Anish Kapoor’s Awful Tower. Save Hackney Wick and community resistance. Building site as warzone. Battlegrounds. A journey through Inferno to reach paradise by digging up the Roman Roads of linear thought. Glasgow to London. The 9 circles of Hell and 9 Zones of TFL. The Shard inverted is a dagger to the truth. A conical shaft to The Angel of Light, half buried in an air-conditioned penthouse in its apex. The purple forked tongue of the Metropolitan line from a plague pit in Aldgate to Milton writing Paradise Lost in dySuburbia at the other end, Underground, in quarantine, self-isolating. to escaping the plague. Face masks and facial recognition. A time traveller wondering what happened to my freedom of movement? While half remembered, half hearted, renditions of Land of Hope and Glory struggle beneath the eerie drone of a helicopter as News Crews pack their cameras away. Look up and see the looming Gargoyles of the American Dream.


Adopting a reflexive stand, conrad examines his artistic practice and city life in his solo show ominously titled BORN AGAIN. Showing works that straddle both time and times, with an exhibition forced underground by plague and fire to continue to grow without light.


armstrong has developed a unique artistic practice, abandoning the traditional canvas for a radical material process that involves layers of paint and plastic melted together with fire, but is also constantly experimenting with new formats and mediums.