Christmas Presents : The Show

2nd December - 19th December 2021


The last art show of 2021 curated by Stour Galleries presented emerging and established artists that contextually challenge the everyday experience of life in London city, its dynamics and street expressions. The artists explore such topics through prints, sculptures, rugs, paintings and other media and experiments and we hang them high and praise them all!


Jenny McKimm @jennymckimmart

The Hidden Printer @thehiddenprinter

Don’t Think Go @dontthinkgo

Sanja Jovic @sanjajovicart

Carl Stimpson @carl.stimpson

Print Wagon @print_wagon_

Pat Thomas @patgthom

Quiet British Accent @quietbritishaccent

Mimmi Teasle @mimteasle

Francesca van Haverbeke @francesca__vh

Soumati Studio @soumati_studio

Lizita @elisalizita

Colourblind Dog @colourblinddog

Anna Horeglad @annahoreglad

Hiccup @hiccupbooks

Florence Poppy Deary @florencepoppydeary

I Fucking Hate London @ifuckinghatelondon

Katya Rogers @katya_rogers

SKIN @finn_murphy

Faces or Faces @facesorfaces

Name Surname @cctvselfie

Loose Associations @looseassociations

Michael Hanley @michael_j_hanley