The IMmortal diaspora


the baths gallery


The Baths Gallery opened with an exhibition "The Immortal Diaspora" by multidisciplinary artist Sade English.

With the exhibition, Sade English takes us into a journey through painting, garment construction, film, and soundscapes.

Sade, as a young Black & Andean woman, witnessed the premature death of her mother Marcia Byfield against the backdrop of a race war and a global pandemic.

Sade managed to refocus her energy into relearning and making history while pledging to rediscover her ancestry within the African Diaspora.

The Immortal Diaspora is an invitation to reflect on the self, its construction, and its place in society. If we are inspired and influenced by others who are no longer present in physical form, yet they continue to live on through work, can we all, in fact, become Immortal?